Eldon D Brown CFP®


Eldon D Brown, CFP®, is founder and owner of Brown Financial. As a native Texan with a history rooted in business, his family has been in Del Rio and in business for over 40 years. As a family of entrepreneurs, Eldon’s father, mother, sister and himself have all started and managed several different businesses in Del Rio.

At eighteen years old Eldon gained an interest in the stock market from his father. It is a passion that he and his father have shared ever since.  This eventually led him to begin his career in the financial services industry in 1994 with Edward Jones.   In 1999, he earned his Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) designation.

Eldon is an avid cyclist and trains constantly for challenging races. He has discovered there are many similarities between cycling and finances. When it comes to planning for the future, he advises his clients toward planning the best routes to take before investing their money. He understands the opportunities as well as the dangers that lie behind hidden curves. Most of his clients are business owners, doctors, professionals and retirees. As a “personal financial coach,” he is there to consult with you on which road to take, help you make sound decisions at each stage of your life, and define your goals.

As a business owner for most of his life, Eldon understand the complexities of the needs of business owners and their retirement plans.  He earned the designation,  Accredited Investment Fiduciary®(AIF®),to further his understanding on the fiduciary roles and responsibilities of advisors managing qualified retirement plan programs and individual retirement accounts.   This designation and his 40 years of business experience enables him to be retirement specialist for businesses.

Eldon has also chosen to get extensive training and learn the particulars of the various federal benefit programs to help federal employees with their unique planning needs-helping to balance their governmental benefits with the rest of their sometimes complex financial picture. He can guide federal families to make the most of those benefits-both while working and in retirement.

Eldon has co-hosted Financially Fit with Coach Brown and the Texas Money Maven on KDLK 94.1.    Podcasts available on Itunes and on the website.

Eldon has served on the boards of the Del Rio Chamber of Commerce, Val Verde Regional Medical Center and Warm Springs Rehab Center, as well as a member of the Del Rio Lions Club.

“My goal is simple – To provide clarity and specialized knowledge to the financial issues and options of our clients, so they have a partner to give them guidance, tools and support in taking advantage of opportunities that will bring them closer to reaching their goals.”

Eldon is also a past Director of the Del Rio Chamber of Commerce and member of the Del Rio Lions Club. He has served as a member of the Val Verde Regional Medical Center‘s board of trustees and on the board of Warm Springs Rehabilitation Center.

Investment advisory services are offered through Brown Financial, a TX Registered Investment Advisor. Insurance products and services are offered by Eldon Brown. Brown Financial and Eldon Brown are affiliated.